The details

The SUMA Award honours a project on the internet, which renders outstanding services to interfaith understanding, cooperation and friendship and which sets a positive example for the future of digital interreligiosity.

Contributions are welcome in any format: text, audio, video, multimedia, code, or any manner of artistic expression. They may take any style or mood, whether it be analytical, provocative, descriptive, or something completely different.

The winner

A jury will select the award winner. The winner will receive a prize ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 Euros and they will be given the opportunity to present their projects to a wider audience at the SUMA Congress 2015. Additionally, SUMA-EV will promote the winning project via its established media and online channels.

The selection process

Applications and recommendations can be submitted until a certain date which we will publish with the new call for participants soon. So please sign up to our newsletter, follow us though the social media channels we use or contact us by email.

Every internet user can submit a proposal this certainly includes everybody who is contributing to a possibly award-worthy project. A proposal has to include the web adress (URL) of the project. In addition, a short description of the project (ca. 1 A4 page) would be helpful, describing why that particular project seems particularly suitable.

The jury will select the winner of the award in early November of each year. The SUMA Award will be presented at the next SUMA-EV Congress.

Please send your submissions and recommendations to:

All decisions are final.