Winners of the SUMA Awards

SUMA Awards 2nd of March 2016:

1. Preis: Edward Snowden

2. Preis: Das Projekt Pretty Easy Privacy

3. Preis: Das Projekt PRISM-Break

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The Freenet-Projekt

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Der Ueberwachungsstaat (Surveillance State) by Manniac: This videoclip, presented on Youtube, describes in hand drawing anaimation style which issues arise when governmental power begins to turn against the people. Data published on the web and transported though the internet does not vanish if governmental rules are changing. What is legal and normal today could turn out to be suspicious or even illegal tomorrow.

Video des Preisträgers bei Youtube: Manniac mit "Der Überwachungsstaat"

Topic of this year's awards was Ethics in Digital Space.


2012 Dieses Projekt richtet sich in erster Linie an Kinder und informiert unter anderem über sechs Weltreligionen. Zu jedem Beitrag können Nutzer Fragen stellen, die dann von Experten beantwortet werden und das Angebot erweitern. Außerdem hält die Site viele Bücher-, Ausflugs und Spieletipps bereit. Im Mitmachbereich stehen den Kindern ein vorab moderiertes Forum, ein umfangreiches Quiz, Spiele und ein Umfragetool zur Verfügung. Auch eigene Gedanken zu ihrem Glauben können die Kinder einbringen. Filme machen neugierig auf die unterschiedlichen Lebensformen in den Religionen.

Winners of the SuMa Awards 2011

Liquid Feedback: online software for debates and voting in large organisations (used e.g. by the Pirate Party). For our digital democracy.

Liquid Feedback

Open Access text book L3T: a good example how to produce academic literature in the future – collaborative, with the community and accessible for everyone.

Open Access Lehrbuch L3T

Was hab' ich: Medicine students translate your doctor's diagnosis into understandable language, for free. Valuable project by engaged students that shows how access to information on the internet can be useful for everyone

Was hab ich

This year’s special price goes to:

Internship database produced by class IT09A of the Joseph-DuMont-Berufskollegs Cologne. Important information accessible for everyone via database technology. An example to follow.

Winners of the SuMa Awards 2010

The OpenGovernment search engine "NewsClub im Bundestag" lets user search the full text of the speeches held in the German parliament. It thus renders these speeches much more accesible to the public and contributes significantly to making politics more transparent.

Newsclub im Bundestag

The online dictionary Linguee uses a novel approach to translation: it searches 100 million translated online texts for words and phrases, thereby providing results with much higher quality. Such a tool is especially important in a European context with its confusion of tongues.


The impressive PhD thesis "Sociotechnical practices of communicating medical knowledge via the web and their epistemic implications" traces the communication of medical knowledge on the web from a scientific, epistemological perspective. It shows how intemediaries like Google impact our ways of dealing with knowledge. (Download | Further information)

Two special awards went to:

scientific search engine BASE because of its extraordinary acconplishments in indexing OpenAccess documents.

satire "Google Home View" by Martin Sonneborn, because of the remarkable way it portrays the vanishing of privacy

Winners of the SuMa Awards 2009


eyePlorer by vionto GmbH

eyePlorer is a next generation search engine, a visual and semantic knowledge machine. It provides innovative, interactive, visual methods of working with and discovering facts and information instead of wading through ever longer lists of documents and search results.

eyeplorer screenshot

Access to information in non-industrialised countries

The "Freedombox Search Project" in Afghanistan, submitted by Mario Behling

The aim of the project is to provide fast, easy and cheap search infrastructures for public knowledge repositories in areas with limited Internet access. The system is currently being tested as part of the One Laptop per Child initiative in a school in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.


Media Art

neocer von Marc Löhe und Pascal Bovee

The project neocer describes a future which encompasses much more subtle means of global domination than described in the famous novel "1984". The fictive company develops a technology which makes it possible to connect the brain directly to the Internet. Is this going to be a major technological breakthrough for the benefit of mankind or simply a nightmare? It is up to the audience to decide...

neocer screenshot

Winners of the SuMa Awards 2008

Technology by Michael and Andreas Bogen


Media Art by Marc Lee

oamos screenshot


"Das Lied vom Datenkraken" by the FunPunk band "Die Betakteten"

die betakteten bandfoto